Mike Barbieri


TRAFFIC ALERT - Removal of Overhead Signs Will Require Nighttime Closure of Route 1 near Christiana Mall. Read here for more details.

Getting Things Done for the 18th District

Working to bring more, good-paying jobs to our community

House Bill 230House Bill 230:  Protected Delaware jobs by setting stronger regulations on employers who hire out of state workers without reporting to the Department of Labor.

Fighting for quality, affordable health care for all

House Bill 230House Bill 85:  Helps Delawareans keep their health insurance and stabilizes health insurance prices.

Expanding access to health care for our Children

House Bill 230House Bill 139:  Expands State’s Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to Cover 9,000 more children.

Replacing our testing systems to one that benefits our students

House Bill 230Senate Bill 68 w/SA 1:  Replaced DSTP with new testing program that more accurately accesses student performance.

House Bill 230House Bill 347:  Provides teachers more discretion over behavioral incidents by increasing the mandatory reporting age from 9 years of age to 12.